It is here you can make some connections, build relationships and navigate your way into this community. The very first thing we’ll ask of you is simple: relax. Our Sunday gathering is always “come as you are” – doubts, questions, skepticism…whatever.

Why We Meet

Every day as we walk through the city we are being deeply formed by our world. Media, marketing, and many other forces have a significant impact in shaping our vision and values. Our weekly rhythm of being together as a larger community to WORSHIP and CONFESS, to engage SCRIPTURE and PRAYER, to celebrate COMMUNION, and to be sent back into the city with a BENEDICTION each and every week, roots ourselves again in the story of Jesus. We see our weekend worship gatherings as counter vision and counter formation to renew our minds and hearts for the kingdom of God. We encourage you to attend one of our gatherings.

When we gather we tell the stories of God’s redeeming, restoring and transforming activity in this world. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. God has invited us to join Him in this world-changing mission. So we want to mobilize passionate Christ-followers to give their lives away in service to God and have a transforming impact on every aspect of culture.

What You Can Expect

We gather every Sunday, where you’ll hear our musicians play rich, stirring, God-focused music, not as a performance but as an act of focusing our attention on God. You’ll also hear substantive gospel messages that regularly engage real life and current cultural issues. Most importantly, you’ll get to meet a community of people gathered around Jesus, who care for the welfare and renewal of Manotick.