In a city like Ottawa, it can be easy to get caught up in our own stories, pouring our energy into daily survival and personal growth.  As followers of Jesus, we delight in opportunities to step out of our individual lives to connect with others in meaningful relationships that overflow into tangible love and service to our communities. And so, we live in the city not as individuals in isolation but as a community with a common mission. These communities are much more than a time slot it is about doing life together.

At The Journey we have three varying, but simple environments of gathering. Our Sunday gathering when we all come together to worship God through scripture, music and communion. During the week we meet as Neighbourhood Groups to share dinner together and to spend time praying, encouraging one another and serving the needs in our community. We also meet in groups of 4 – 6 called Huddles to further encourage and care for one another.

The City

What is The City?

There’s a big vision behind The City and it starts with the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:14-16. It’s a vision of using the technology we use everyday to help The Journey live as a “city set on a hill”, shining the light of the Gospel to the world. It’s a group-centered social network that is all about encouraging movement and action by making it easier for people to become connected, build deeper community, and be empowered to serve each other, their neighbors, and the world with the love of Jesus.

Why is it important to join The City?

Everything happening at The Journey is communicated using The City. It is how you get connected and stay connected. It does not take the place of personal and face-to-face contact – it simply fuels that kind of interaction, enabling it to happen more often. Once you complete your profile, you make it easier for other people committed to The Journey to find you, communicate with you, and get to know you better. Every part of The City is designed to lead our church into deeper community with tools that build connection and encourage growth as we share the light of Jesus with each other and the world.

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